Kess Kravings | Culinary Brigde Between African and Western Cuisines.

Kravings Catering

Chef Kess will design, create, and execute well-balanced menu items that are moderate in salt, sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol while maintaining the three most important components to any dish: PRESENTATION, TASTE and VALUE.

We will send you a custom menu, based on information that you provide on a menu questionnaire. You will, of course, always have an opportunity to discuss your menu with Kess in person or by telephone. 

We want you to explore all of the possibilities of your menu and to create ideas through a collaborative effort, based on your taste and budget. We are constantly testing recipes for our many clients and for our chefs it is about mastering our craft, being playful with the classics and continuously creating new and adventurous menus.  

What sets us apart is that we make everything from scratch, from mixing our own spices, baking our own bread and making delicious ice cream without preservatives.

We can also provide your very own personal chef, available for that romantic dinner, anniversary or other special occasion. Simply send us an email for a consultation.