Hello and welcome to Kess Kravings. I am Kess Eshun, the Founder/CEO and Pastry Chef at Kess Kravings. I am a Pastry Chef by training with a passion for culinary arts. My baking and cooking style could be described as a culinary bridge between African flavors and Western cuisine using French culinary techniques. My mission is to transform African cuisine and show the world the continent’s rich flavors while helping Chef’s that do not have their own restaurants or bakeries deliver their services using Kess Kravings technology.

I started cooking when I was a young girl and I can proudly say that I have enjoyed every minute in the kitchen. I strive to surprise many through my creations and to share what I have felt and learned through my culinary journey. For me, each plate is about art, my childhood memories, the place, the ingredients and the whole concept besides the food – making the entire experience far more exciting. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think about is food and the delectable pastries I’ll be creating. At night, as I drift off to sleep, I think about new recipes instead of ‘counting sheep’.

Despite my love for cooking, I didn’t think it was a viable career choice so I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I then went to business school and graduated with an Executive MBA. My passion for baking and cooking got even stronger after my MBA, so I finally decided to follow my dream and enrolled in Culinary School.

This is where Kess Kravings LLC comes into the picture as a culmination of my passion for baking and cooking, my culinary training, my Computer Science and Executive MBA degrees. I leveraged these expertise, my experiences and training to create a brand that uses my baking and cooking style to create unique culinary products that celebrates African flavors fused with Western Cuisine built on a technology platform where everyone can enjoy my creations while allowing any Chef to deliver their services globally through the Book-a-Chef and Virtual Chef technologies from Kess Kravings.

Kess Kravings LLC also delivers products through the Kess Kravings online Patisserie and Shop, Kess Kravings Mobile App, Kess Kravings Pop-Up Restaurant Events - “Savor Kravings”, Kess Kravings Spice Line and a Cookbook coming in 2021.

I believe that cooking not only warms the soul, but it also nurtures one’s desire to spread love through good food. My promise to you is delicious, inspired dishes that play tricks on your palate in the nicest possible way.

I invite you to explore the Kess Kravings platform, shop for products on the Shop, order other services for your events, search for services provided by other amazing Chefs on Book-a-Chef and join the Virtual Chef social media platform to connect with your favorite Chefs and share your foodie creations for the world to see.

Happy Kravings;
Kess Eshun
Founder/CEO/Pastry Chef
Kess Kravings LLC